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Proyash School
Dhaka Cantonment, Dhaka
Sharone Hardesty, a teacher for special needs children from Massachusetts, USA came to visit Proyash in January, 2011. After meeting the teachers and the principal of the school she made her recommendations for the improvement of the quality of teaching there. Please click below to view her report on Proyash:

Sharone Hardesty's report on Proyash

In Bangladesh a good number of special schools have come up in recent years but due to inherent limitations like shortage of fund, absence of appropriate school complex, shortage of trained personnel hardly a few are providing desired service. On many occasions a new school after starting suddenly closes down leaving the students and parents in great uncertainty. Our vision is to emerge as a centre of excellence where children with all types of special needs would receive holistic services under one umbrella. The centre would include all required services like:

Autistic unit

Cerebral palsy unit

Intellectual disability unit

Hearing impairment unit

Visual impairment unit

Multiple disability unit

Early childhood development unit

Vocational unit

Inclusive Primary Education Unit

Adult leisure and learning unit

Out patient unit

Evaluation and Assessment Unit

Human Resource Development and Research Unit

This would be an ideal institute and perform as a role model for all special schools in Bangladesh. The centre would be the hub of all activities concerning special needs where resource persons would be developed, service would be provided based on research findings, people would come to learn and reciprocate in their respective areas seeing this model.

To materialize our dream we need to complete the work according to the master plan which includes a six storied school building, hydrotherapy unit, multipurpose hall, accommodation for teachers and staffs etc. This requires good amount of investment. Whatever has so far been done was by the donations from the Army, its affiliated installations and a few private organisations and individuals. But further expansion with donation would require long time and in the process valuable time will be wasted and many children and parents would be deprived of the services. As such you may provide us assistance for the implementation of the following projects mentioned in order of priority:


Name of Project


1. Training assistance The school has a set of devoted teachers and staffs but they are not adequately trained to meet the demands of the children with special needs. If expert from abroad can come and provide periodical training to the teachers, their capability would increase and would provide better service to the students
2. Procurement of transport Presently most of the students come to the school by their own arrangements. Parents owning a car can send their children easily to the school but poor parents face difficulties specially those having children with physical disability
3. Construction of Hydrotherapy service Many of the students have various sensory dysfunctions. Regular exposure to hydrotherapy would assist remove those sensory difficulties besides allowing joyful time in the water
4. Construction of multipurpose hall Any central event for students and teachers like, training sessions, workshop, seminar, cultural programme can be organised in a better manner.
5. Construction of academic building 2nd to 5th floor over existing ground and 1st floor The present academic building has only 18 class rooms which can accommodate around 160 students. Everyday parents are approaching school authority for the admission of their children but due to shortage of space new students cannot be admitted. The academic building has a foundation of six stories; as such if the building is vertically extended another 350 students can be admitted.
6. Construction of two staff accommodation (64 flats) The teachers come from different distant location. In a city like Dhaka with huge traffic jam, they are uncertain about their arrival time and become very tired by travelling in poor transportation system. If they can be accommodated in the school premises they would better service
7. Establishment of generator service Disruption of power supply is a regular phenomenon. As such the school needs to have its own generator to provide electricity in case of supply failure.
8. Water supply system Presently the water is provided by a very temporary arrangements which is uncertain and in case of breakage students would suffer
9. Construction of football, badminton, basketball ground There are spaces in the school for developing these playgrounds. Students would spend better time and enjoy coming to the school if all these facilities can be developed