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E-Learning in Bangladesh

E-Learning: can be a very cost effective way of delivering educational material to a large group of people who are geographically dispersed and who would not be able to otherwise afford this education at traditional schools. eLearning has allowed many countries to spread literacy to people who would otherwise have no opportunity for basic education.

E-Learning: is a concept which is quite suited for a poor country like Bangladesh. Even though Bangladesh has a weak infrastructure and cannot provide data connectivity for many of its citizens, eLearning materials can still be distributed directly to people who reside in rural areas.

What is E-Learning: In Bangladesh, eLearning would involve producing educational material in one place. Production might take place in a classroom, a workshop, a laboratory or even in an agricultural farm – and the material produced could be used for formal education, from the primary to the secondary educational level, or for teaching useful skills like farming, carpentry, tailoring, basket weaving – the list is unlimited.

Once the educational material is produced, it can be broadcast via the Internet, or recorded onto DVDs and distributed for use where no Internet infrastructure exists.