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Basic English Learning Program

Bangladesh is an agrarian nation, with 85% of the people living in rural areas. Students throughout Bangladesh, but especially those living in remote areas, have little or no opportunity to learn a foreign language. While many people have the desire to learn English, access is limited and materials are difficult to come by. The people of Bangladesh wish to become a successful nation and knowledge of English is one skill that can facilitate this goal. It is probable that without English, Bangladesh will continue its struggle to become a thriving nation. Therefore, SHEBI feels a great responsibility to encourage the English language nationwide. SHEBI has developed a curriculum for Secondary High Schools that will benefit the students and also the teachers, who will receive advanced training in English language. This program will help all learners develop their communications skill and prepare them to face the challenges of the 21st Century. SHEBI will provide course materials, school supplies and all other logistical support.