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Sarwar Autistic Children Welfare Organization

Basupara Lane, Khulna, Banglaadesh

Sharone Hardesty stayed for about a week in the school compound spending long
hours with the teachers, students and their parents. She answered questions of the
parents during the evening hours while in the day time she trained the teachers.
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SACWO Report

This school does not charge any fee from the students for the care the students receive during their stay at the school. The school was founded in 2008 by a family who donated a building with a large yard to be used for the education and care of disabled and autistic children of the local area. 

Since the school totally relies on donation from only one family the school lacks in resources to treat the students effectively.

There is no car, van or any kind of vehicle for the school. There is no refrigerator or any air-conditioning in the school building although the temperature goes up to more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit in summer. The school does not have any funds to buy any television or any other audiovisual equipment or a computer which are really essential for the training of students.

The school’s teachers need basic and advanced training to handle disabled and autistic children immediately.

In order to maintain minimum standard, the school needs the following: 

  1. A mini van
  2. Refrigerators
  3. Air Cooler or Air-conditioning equipment for the building
  4. Sewing machines
  5. Embroidery Equipment
  6. Still Camera
  7. Video Camera
  8. Solar Panels
  9. Playground Equipment
  10. Toys
  11. Learning Toys
  12. Computers and Monitors
  13. Teaching Materials used for special need students
  14. Furniture for the school (chair, desks, book shelves, cabinets)
  15. Crockeries
  16. Medical Supplies
  17. Physical Therapy Equipment
  18. Emergency generators